Aims and scope


Scienza e Pace – Science and Peace (SP) is the online and open access half-yearly journal of the “Sciences for Peace” Interdisciplinary Centre (CISP) established at the University of Pisa. New issues come out each year before the end of July and December respectively. Refounded in 2010, the journal seeks to provide an international, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, academic forum for all those who research, teach and work in the area of Peace Studies, adopting a multiplicity of methodological approaches.

Scienza e Pace – Science and Peace focuses in particular on: theoretical and empirical analyses of present-day and historical conflicts, taking into account their different (social, economic, political, juridical, cultural, religious, etc.) roots and their (structural, systemic, interpersonal, etc.) nature, within their specific contexts and at their multiple levels; theoretical and empirical analyses of new and traditional strategies for managing, transforming and solving conflicts, with the aim of constructing peace-based social and international relations. The journal encourages the submission of cutting edge, critical-oriented and interdisciplinary research papers.

Scienza e Pace – Science and Peace publishes original articles in Italian, in English and exceptionally in Spanish, when this choice is justified by the cultural specificity of the paper and its author. All research papers in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous referees, not belonging to the editorial committee nor to the scientific committee.

A section of the journal will periodically focus on specific issues, that either the editorial or the scientific committee will address through open calls for papers. However, it will possible at any time to submit articles on topics not covered by calls for papers.

The journal also welcomes reviews of books within the area of Peace Studies. Publishers and authors are invited to send their publications in electronic or paper format to the editorial committee, which will make any possible effort to have them reviewed.

Ideas and statements expressed by the authors contributing to Scienza e Pace – Science and Peace do not necessarily reflect those of the director, the editorial or the scientific committee, nor of the “Sciences for Peace” Interdisciplinary Centre.

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